A dechrome wrap is designed to cover the exposed chrome trims fitted to many vehicles. Changing the chrome trims to a Gloss, Satin or Matte alternative will create a more sporty and more expensive look and feel. A thin strip of 3M vinyl is placed over the chrome trim and expertly trimmed to a factory-type finish, suitable for most vehicles.

We install dechrome kits for Audi, Mercedes AMG, Land Rover, BMW, Lexus and other car dealerships to create a “black edition” styled vehicle, before they hit their showrooms.

Dechroming the grill can really improve the look of your car.  By turning the old-fashioned, tired looking, chrome to black can give your car a much meaner and stylish appearance



A full dechrome can really make your car stand out from the crowd.  Once you’ve dechromed the window surrounds and the grill of your vehicle there can still remain some other areas of chrome.  Often trim on the wing mirrors, around the lights, on the wings and the boot can be made up of chrome.