Automotive front grill tinting involves application of specialty grille films, that come in a variety of types, with many uses and are capable of allowing cool air to flow inside the hood, cooling off many parts heated up by use and friction, but more specifically the vehicle's engine and radiator.

Car Grill Tint provides a cooler interior that give more comfort, and can significantly reduce air conditioning usage.


Waxing is the final step to keep your grill cool. By using wax, each part that is smeared will be shinier and will not get dirty quickly. Make sure that you don’t miss any parts of the wax around the grill. Basting should also be done slowly, and make sure you pay attention to the various details needed when basting. If the basting is not done correctly, it can cause unwanted things.

Wrapgods can help you carry out every activities needed to get your car grill done.